Terms & Conditions

NadaPay is a website (http://www.nadapay.com) and an application for the Facebook Platform (http://apps.facebook.com/nadapay), written by Volo Media Ltd, a company registered in Malta. The standard Facebook Terms of Use applies, as well as the Platform Application Terms of Use. By registering on the website or installing the NadaPay application, you also implicitly agree to the following:

  1. Volo Media Ltd will attempt correct distribution of all prizes, but no guarantees can be made. In the case that a product or prize is no longer available or for some reason beyond our control cannot be delivered to you, we reserve the right to propose something of equal value.
  2. Volo Media Ltd owns the exclusive rights to all source code, logo's, artwork, and other digital property associated with NadaPay. Source code, logo's, artwork and other digital property associated with NadaPay must not be used without the permission of Volo Media Ltd.
  3. You may not attempt to sell prizes, tickets, tokens or anything associated with NadaPay through other websites (e.g., eBay) or other Facebook applications (e.g., AceBucks) for real or virtual currencies.
  4. While every effort is made to reliably provide this service, outages and unexpected downtime will occur. Volo Media Ltd does not make any guarantees of uninterrupted service. In particular, lost credits, tickets, or tokens may occur from time to time. We are particularly not responsible for any outages or software errors that result from actions taken by Facebook.
  5. Any action you take to earn NadaPoints is completely optional and entered into of your own free will. Volo Media Ltd is a separate company and is in no way affiliated with the companies that operate the $uper Rewards, Offerpal, TrialPay, SuperSonic Ads and SocialCash applications, or any future applications that may become integrated with NadaPay, and as such, is not responsible for actions they may or may not take regarding your account. Volo Media Ltd makes no warranty or guarantees regarding the availability and continued use of these external services.
  6. Your use of NadaPay is a privilege, not a right. We reserve the right to refuse service for any reason, including, but not limited to, the use of farm accounts or abusive, threatening or defamatory language used in emails, Facebook messages and/or public forums.
  7. Volo Media Ltd is in no way responsible for any personal injury or material loss you may claim to have incurred through your voluntary use of our software.
  8. We reserve the right to disable and reset all accounts that are inactive for 90 days or more.

  9. Only one account per person is permitted. You may not create and/or control additional accounts for the purpose of improving or inflating your ranking. Players caught operating such farm accounts are subject to an immediate ban from all Volo Media Ltd applications.
  10. Please take care in ensuring the security of your game account. Volo Media Ltd is not responsible for actions taken within the game if your account is under the control of another person, whether it be with or without (i.e., your account is "hacked") your consent.